My Grown-Up Life

In case you haven’t noticed, the majority of my blog entries have been all about grown-up things.  I’m really enjoying not only being a young adult, but finally being recognized as one.  Maybe it’s just me, but I really like being an adult.  As such, I’m trying to embrace it as much as possible.  Choosing a home style, getting married, getting my big-girl job, etc.  In this, I’ve become obsessed with finding my adult style and my adult make-up style.  Well folks – I think I’ve found it.

I’ve always adored classic things – when I start posting pictures of my wedding style, you’ll see that.  If it screams new-vintage, it’s all me. I’ve also always been known as the girl with the pearls, the cardigan, and with the flowery, big, headband (and you don’t even want to know how many scarves I own…).  So as I go though and re-vamp my wardrobe (which still has pieces from middle school… I hope Stacy and Clinton don’t stumble upon this blog!) I am looking to someone with the same style – someone who the whole world is obsessed with – Kate Middelton.


The main difference between Kate and myself is well, Kate is gorgeous. She pulls off everything she tries. I swear, she could wear a paper bag and still look incredible. The next major difference – I am currently unemployed (I am in the pre-offer letter stages of a pretty awesome job though – keep your fingers crossed) so spending $400 on a dress is just not feasible for me.  I realize that it’s chump change for many celebrities and royalty, so I applaud her effort to tone it down, especially with her re-wearing pieces. Ahh, love.

So anyways – I’ve hit eBay. Hard.  Hopefully some new pieces come out of the attempts.  I’m also thinking about listing pieces I have to counter-act the spending I will inevitably spend. But, eBay and other sites charge listing fees and such.  Do you know any sites online that are swap sites? I’ve heard of them, but don’t know anyone who has used them before. Any advice?

Another question I have is this – how do you guys decide what to wear? Do you have your closet packed full of outfits, or do you have your pieces separately? I have all my stuff separately, but I always seem to wear the same things despite the options that exist in my wardrobe. Maybe I have too many pieces? What’s your closet style, ladies?

Sorry for the randomness of this blog – I’m sure you’ll live. 🙂 Happy Monday!


Welcome to tGC!

Hello, and welcome to The Graduate Chronicles. This is a new blog that chronicles my life after graduation.  A recent Ram, and now a new Virginian, I have been desperately looking for a place to post things to help me sort out my thoughts.  It might be a rough read, but if you stick it out, I promise I’ll pay you the same courtesy. 🙂

First – I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Jo and this is my 3rd blog site.  I closed each of my last two after becoming too busy with school, life, and other things.  I’m hoping this one won’t have the same, sad fate.  I went by Julie before, so don’t get confused. Along with my new blog, I wanted a new name. I’ll be honest, it’s totally to make this so people who know me offline can’t track me down.  I will promise you that it is a variation of my real name, so I’m not lying… I swear. 🙂 I am currently unemployed and am searching for a job that allows me to put my skills to use.  If that doesn’t work out, maybe my love of candles will make me a good candidate for Yankee Candle? Discounts… anyone?

Now, let me introduce you to my blog – this blog is going to chronicle pretty much anything I want.  That really narrows it down, right? Don’t worry – it just means you can come back all the time and have different things to read about! Are you excited? Please be? Please? Anyways, potential topics include all my loves – my upcoming wedding (and all the fabulous details that go into that), scrap booking, cooking, getting my weight under control before the best day of my life, finding a job, and everything else that comes with being a newbie in the big, bad world.

That being said, feel free to comment, explore, and check back for my daily ramblings. Happy Monday!

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