Flip Flop Birthday Card

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to dinner last night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Well, said friend likes is obsessed with flip-flops.  To commemorate her obsession, we not only got her a flip-flop gift, but I made her this card to go with it:

I promised I would write tutorials for my DIYs that worked, and here is the first one. 🙂 Yay! It wasn’t a total disaster! Don’t worry, I will wait for you to applaud….

Ready to begin? Okay – first, you’ll need to print off this template. I found it through a Google search, then I just took a print screen of it and changed it to different sizes to experiment with.

Next, decide the colors and all that jazz.  I found that what works best is actually using card stock for the sole of the flop, then paper for the thong portion.  I used solids for the soles and patterns for the thongs.  I found that punching the holes for the thong portion was easiest before you make any cuts – that way it doesn’t leave any little creases in the flippies.

See? Then after you cut everything out, start assembling.  Your thing should make a “y”. Take the bottom, straight part and stick through the hole towards the toe. Then stick each side of the “v” portion of the thong through the back holes.  I secured them with tape on the under side. Repeat this to make as many as you need – I needed four for my project. When your flippies are done, decorate them however you want.  I went with glitter, gems, and flowers. But you can adorn with whatever you like.

While I waited for the flippies to dry, I decorated the card part.  I used a DCWV embossed card that I picked up from Michaels in a 40 pack last week. It’s a great thing to have on hand if you like to make cards.  To decorate the card, I used the Sweet Treats cricut cartridge and cut out “Happy Birthday!” on a 1” setting (not real dial size) and glued the letters on the card. Then, I sprayed that sucker with glitter.

“So much glitter!”

I decided to spray it outside so I didn’t cover my office in glittler. The Mr. wouldn’t have been too happy about that.  When it was all glitter-fied, I then sprayed it with hairspray to hold the glitter in place. The hairspray made the card curl a little, so I just flipped it upsude down and set my computer on it for a while to flatten it back out. (It turned out that the hairspray didn’t actually hold that much extra glitter in place, so you can skip this if you want.)

After that, I commenced gluing the flippies on. I used hot glue and set them down gently.  I put a little strip of glue down each flop’s underside. I like the 3D effect that the hot glue gives. Just my preference.

And…voila! You have a cute, beautiful summery birthday card.  And glitter covered hands. But it’s sooo worth it. How cute is this card:

And of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my fabulous assistants, Spotify and Penny.

Isn’t she cute? She was under my desk the whole time to keep me company. 🙂

Good luck if you decide to make the card! I definitely want to make it again. So cute and so summery – perfect for someone who I spent the whole summer on the beach with. 🙂

Happy Friday, folks. Have a kick-butt weekend! I’ll reply to the home decor comments on Monday.

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